WhatsApp New Picture-in-Picture mode: Now you can watch YouTube videos within the app

Picture-in-Picture mode is one of the most anticipated features on WhatsApp. The feature allows users to watch videos hosted on third-party applications such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram within WhatsApp. Earlier, these video links used to redirect users to the host app or mobile browser. The PiP(Picture-in-Picture) mode lets you watch videos without leaving the WhatsApp chat.

The new Picture-in-Picture feature is not available to all users at the moment. But if you want to try it out, you need to enroll with WhatsApp’s beta progamme. The beta app will also give you access to newer features that WhatsApp is developing for all users. The catch is that the beta version may have some bugs as well.

To download WhatsApp Beta, open Google Play store, and search for WhatsApp. Tap on “become a beta tester” to download the application. You can also join the beta programme through browser as well.

After installing the latest beta version on your phone, open the YouTube app on your phone. Tap on the “forward” button appearing on the top right corner. Forward it to the group or contact you want to send. The video link will unfurl with full title, meta description and link. Tap on the video to play.

The video will automatically pop out from WhatsApp chat box. You can move the video box anywhere on the screen without exiting the WhatsApp application. Note that there are certain limitations with WhatsApp’s PiP mode. For instance you don’t get full-fledged YouTube controls like changing quality or enable captions.

Shashank Tiwari

Shashank Tiwari is a writer from India and the Tech Explained editor. In his free time he dabbles in fiction, photography, and game development.

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