Our lifestyle is changing day by day and the main reason of that change is the growth in technology. Technology have seen great changes and developments in last 10 years. The upcoming technologies have something for everyone:

Google Glasses

Google Glasses are a part of Project Glass, a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). Google Glass are cable to view social media feeds, text, Google Maps, as well as navigate with GPS and take photos.

Form 1

This technology is going to be dream come true for many people. If you want to create your own 3-D object then this technology is for you. You can create your own physical object with your own custom design without the approval of any manufacturer.

Glasses-Free 3D TV

If you love to enjoy 3-D entertainment in theaters then this technology is for you. This will provide 3-D entertainment at home with high definition technology. It will provide 3-D illusion, the displays would need to refresh at a rate of about 360 times a second, or 360 hertz.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rifrt, is the future of virtual gaming. This will provide a headset, the user can feel themselves inside the game and can feel the virtual world in real.

Air to Fuel

Over the years, the shortage fuel is become topic of consideration, many countries are struggling and working for the improvement of fuel shortage. A British firm based on Teesside, put step forward for the solution of fuel shortage by converting water and air into fuel.

Face Cloning

The thriller movie scenes are going to be real where one character can transform into another character using the face masks. This technology will provide for designing, simulating, and fabricating synthetic skin for an animations character that mimics the face of a given subject and its expressions.

Invisible Bike Helmets

This technology is for bicycle lover. There are many developing countries, where the bikers faces high rate of accidents due to not wearing helmets. If you are one of them, who love bicycle rides but not helmets then this technology is for you. This device is mobile airbag. This is contained in a scarf which will be worn around neck and at the moment of impact it inflates and forms a protective cushion around your head.



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