Things You Can Do on Android That You Can’t on an iPhone

From several years there have been multiple debates about which Operating System for mobile are better – Android or iOS. Although there are several other OS for mobile phones but they are not famous as these two. Nowadays, Most of the mobile user are divided into two groups – iOS Fans and Android Lovers.

There is no question that both of the operating systems are best with there science and technology. iOS provides their users best security and refinement whereas Android is much more flexible and customizable then iOS.

But there are still some things android user can do that iOS user cant do. And we are not referring to things like rooting android but things that average, non-technical users can do on their smartphones. Let’s check it now.

1. Widgets

Android’s widgets are the key feature that iOS devices cannot deliver to their users, and it can be major disadvantage of iOS devices over the Android devices. On android widgets plays a important role in Home Screen Customization, you can access your favorite  apps right of your home screen. It allows you to view the app data without needing to open the app.

2. Backup to Google Photos in the background

Google Photos is an incredible service that offers unlimited backups of photos and videos captured on your phone, for free. Google photos use some compression but it doesn’t affect the quality of the image.
Although, there is an iOS for the same service too but it is not reliable as on android, because iOS app doesn’t allow you to sync your favorite picture when your phone is on standby. But on the other hand, Android will allow you to sync your picture not only when your phone’s on standby but you can also set a rule that device will only upload picture when phone is on charge.

3. More Free Apps & Games

In our analysis, we have found that some apps that are free on Google play store are carried a price tag on iOS App Store. And it cannot be denied that iOS app offers very few free application to their users. It may be because Apple have very strict App Store guidelines as google provides freedom on this for the developers.
And the most important thing google provides the facility to try paid apps for 2 Hours, if you didn’t like the App you can uninstall it from your device and you didn’t need to pay anything which is most useful feature in Google Play Store.

4. Record phone calls

This is another feature you will not find on iOS devices, and Apple doesn’t allow developer to build their own app to record user’s phone call for the purpose of preventing viruses and hacks. But sometimes we may really need to record our phone calls with our loved ones, friends, lovely kinds, family, etc. to keep these meaningful & sweet moments. But on the other hand android allows user to record their phone calls.

5. Run two apps at once

You can run two apps side-by-side on a iPad, but this feature is not available on iPhone. On the other hand there are multiple devices that support multi-window feature and this feature is very useful sometimes when you are struggling with two apps constantly. This feature officially baked into android devices after the Android 7.0 Nougat.

6. Smarter Files Manager

Android’s way of handling files is similar to that of a computer – there’s a root folder (like the C Drive on a Windows machine) and files sorted within a folder structure. Every app has access to this centralised storage, making it possible to say, attach a PDF file from within an email app on Android. The same thing isn’t possible on iOS, because by design, files are encapsulated within the apps themselves. On iOS, if you go to the Mail app and want to attach any file other than photos, then you have to open the app that contains the PDF file, hit the ‘share’ button, and choose an email client, which then creates a new email.

The Bottom Line

You may have cleared the things Android can do that iOS can’t with above article. In reality, it’s hard to say which one is better, as Android and iOS not only have differences, but similarities, each one has advantages over the other. Both of them are winners in their own way.


Shashank Tiwari

Shashank Tiwari is a writer from India and the Tech Explained editor. In his free time he dabbles in fiction, photography, and game development.

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