Reliance Jio offers 100% cashback on JioFi device: Here is everything you need to know

Reliance Jio has launched a 100% cashback offer with JioFi 4G router, as Reliance Jio tries to attract users of dongles, datacard and wifi routers offered by different telecome companies. This offer is listed on Jio’s official website under the device segment. JioFi device is a hotspot device, which lets users to set up Wifi hostspot for other devices using the jio SIM.

So how does this cashback scheme work for JioFi users?

Jio has come up with the two plans where as part of first plan, User will get a 100 % cashback where they’ll be required to exchange their existing datacard, dongle or hotspot router at any Jio Digital store or Jio Care store and will get 4G data worth Rs 2010 against the device exchanged.

According to the offer’s terms and conditions mentioned at Jio’s Officail website, under the Dongle Exchange scheme, a user will have to pay Rs 1,999 to buy JioFi online, and in turn they will get benefits worth Rs 2,010 (data benefits).

This Rs 2,010 cashback is actually worth 10 top-up vouchers, which are priced at Rs 201 each. Jio calls this the “effective 100% cashback for the JioFi.” So technically, the cashback is in the form of some extra data.

If you don’t have an old Dongle to exchange, then the customer who buys the JioFi device online will benefits of only Rs 1,005. This is equal to five top-up vouchers of Rs 201. This puts the JioFi device price at Rs 994.

Jio has listed out the steps of how you can buy the JioFi device and get the old dongle exchanged. For starters, you need to buy the device from the official website. After this, you need to visit a Reliance Jio Store, Digital Xpress, etc, and take the original bill, the JioFi box, and your old dongle. If you don’t have the old dongle, then you still need to visit the store, if you want to claim the Rs 1005 benefits that Jio is handing out.

Once again, you will need to submit Proof of Address (POA), Proof of Identity (POI), and a passport size colour photograph in order to get the SIM for the JioFi device activated.

Jio has also put out a list of eligible dongles under this scheme, which can be handed over for exchange. The list includes dongles from Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata, MTS, RCOM, Micromax, D-Link, Huawei, iBall, ZTE, Lava, Intex, Netgear and BSNL. You cannot hand in an old JioFi device for exchange.

After you get the JioFi device activated, you will have to recharge with Rs 99 for the Prime membership followed by Rs 309 or Rs 509 for the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer. After this offer is over (the first recharge in Dhan Dhana Dhan lasts for 84 days), you will need to get a minimum recharge of Rs 149 and above, in order to keep this activated.

After the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer period is over, your Dongle benefits will kick in, but there’s a catch here.

Jio’s detailed terms and conditions state, “to avail the benefit under the Offer, the Customer will have to do the recharge on monthly basis with a “MONTHLY” voucher.” So if you get a Rs 309 recharge as the first one, you’ll have to keep doing this every month, in order enjoy the free vouchers for your dongle. Jio’s terms and conditions also state, “The validity of the 5GB data will work co-terminus with that of the base plan.” The validity of these benefits is till March 31, 2018.

The offer is applicable under both pre-paid and postpaid plans. The JioFi device lets users access 4G Data, make VoLTE calls even on 2G or 3G smartphones, and can connect with up to 10 devices.


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