How to make programs run faster on PCs with less RAM

[dropcap]R [/dropcap]AM is most important computer for any computer or mobile device. RAM (AKA Random Access Memory) is a type of computer storage which is faster (Read and Write speed) than other storage media such as SSDs and HDDs.

Hence, RAM is critical component to the ‘speed’ of a device. And this is why modern PCs (such as high-end gaming laptops and workstations) and smartphones (like the OnePlus 3T and Asus Zenfone AR) come with oodles of RAM.

So, to improve the speed of your system you need to upgrade your RAM? Well, this is not true speed of computer is also depends on some other factors too like clock speed of CPU, Operating System ect. But you need more RAM to run heavy games or heavy software because heavy software needs more memory to smoothly on a system. But as important as RAM is to running a big game or a heavy-software application on a PC, you can’t install more RAM than what’s supported by your computer (or more specifically, its motherboard). For instance, if your mother supports maximum of 16 GB of RAM, you can’t have more than 16 GB of RAM. So What if you want to run intensive software or games on less RAM on your PC ?

Yes, this is possible. All you need to do is, install a software called Miray RAM Drive creator software on your machine. This software takes a certain amount of computer’s RAM and mount it to virtual hard drive called RAM Drive. This means that you can run your heavy softwares directly from hard drive as fast as it were running from the RAM.

Note: There are tons of RAM Drive creator software available online, but for this post we choose to go with Miray RAM Drive. That’s because it is very simple to use and doesn’t have complex settings and options. Hence anyone, even beginners who have less knowledge about computer systems can take advantage of it.

How to make PC programs run faster with Miray RAM Drive?

Step 1: Download the Miray RAM Drive (Free Version) from its official website and install it. The Software automatically install the Virtual RAM disk driver.

Step 2: Once software in installed, Click on the Miray RAM Drive icon and run. Now, you will see a slider which will go from 20 MB to all upto 4124 MB. Use this slider to adjust the amount of RAM for the software to use as a virtual hard drive.

Step 3: After setting Up the limit with the slider, all you need to do is click the Green-colored Power icon at the bottom and software (Miray RAM Drive) automatically set everything else for you. The Miray RAM Drive will create a virtual RAM Drive, which you can check in computer other hard drive partitions.

That’s all. Now you can run any heavy program or game faster by transferring it to the RAM Disk. You can turn it off when done, just click on the Miray RAM Drive’s icon and turn it off.

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Shashank Tiwari

Shashank Tiwari is a writer from India and the Tech Explained editor. In his free time he dabbles in fiction, photography, and game development.

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