iPhone 8 Hands-on Video – No Home Button

Renders of iPhone 8 have been leaked on multiple websites but it’s a fresh leak which is a video showing the being held in a hand for the first time. This leak combines everything about iPhone which is leaked in the past, and shows the iPhone from all the direction like front, back, edges. Some Other leaks also hit the internet and one contradicts the video leak.

The iPhone 8 video leak was published by Tipser Benjamin Gaskin, who also published several render videos and images leaks in the past. The video shows the iPhone 8 being held in a hand rotated front and back. Unlike iPhone 7, the new iPhone 8 is seen sporting a glass back, dual camera setup which is vertical and a metal body which makes iPhone more durability and no fingerprint scanner at the front. The iPhone 8 seems a bit wider and thicker than previous generation iPhones, the power button is much longer.

At the front like Samsung galaxy s8 all the space appears to be occupied by the display which makes this new smartphone dope, and the most important thing you will get the headphone jack back as there is plenty of room for headphone jack due to its wider, longer and thicker design. Really? No, you won’t get headphone jack back in iPhone.

There is no iPhone or Apple logo anywhere on the back, reiterating that this is a dummy unit. There is no certainty that this unit in the video would make the final cut, as Apple has reportedly run into various hiccups regarding yield of various components. Apple is also reportedly expected to launch the iPhone 8 a little late, due to various production issues. Since no fingerprint sensor was visible, it can be presumed that if this leak is correct, Apple has indeed used the much rumored display embedded Touch ID sensor.

Other Renders

Some more renders have also appeared on Weibo showing the iPhone 8 in a different design format than Geskin’s. In these renders the display is not edge-to-edge, fingerprint scanner is at the back, which refuting the rumors of an embedded Touch ID, whearas vertical dual camera setup remains same. This leak shows the iPhone 8 in Pink, Rose Gold, and Black color variants. Geskin tweeted saying that this leak is false, and the iPhone 8 won’t look like that. We hope he is right!

Another image shared by MobileExpose also shows the iPhone 8 in four colours – Silver, White, Black, and Gold. Only the back of the device is exposed here, and there’s no fingerprint sensor seen at the back, reducing the credibility of the Weibo image leak.

In a report by The Bell, shared by The Investor claims that Samsung has been roped in for next year’s OLED supply as well. The report states that Apple has agreed on a deal with Samsung to produce OLED panels for the iPhone 9 as well. Interestingly, the report also indicates that there will be two new size variants introduced for the iPhone 9 – 5.28-inches and 6.46-inches. Samsung will reportedly ship 180 million units of OLED panels next year.

As for 2017, Apple is expected to introduce 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, and 5.8-inch iPhone 8. All the three devices are tipped to sport wireless charging, but OLED panels will only be used on the anniversary edition iPhone 8. Geskin also reiterates in a separate tweet that the iPhone 8 will sport 3D face scanning, be powered by the 10nm process A11 Chip, run on iOS 11, and sport AR features.

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