IBM’s ai can predict when employees will quit their jobs with 95% accuracy

Now days, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence. It is sometimes known as machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Artificial intelligence deals with learning, adaptions and problem solving. AI is different from previously coding techniques, AI’s output is totally dependent on the data set, used to train machines. Companies in world wide are using AI to enhance their business.

“You have to put AI through everything you do,” said Rometty.

Ginni Romett is the current chair, president, and CEO of IBM. According to her the company’s “predictive attrition” software has reportedly saved the company $300 million by identifying which of its roughly 350,000 workers are on the quieting their jobs. The need of machine learning in job predictions was clear as company was facing fail in traditional human resources methods. The use of Artificial Intelligence is very common now days, moreover achieving 95% accuracy has two major advantages: Firstly, IBM succeed in  artificial intelligence based job predictor and secondly, This system already saved $300 million.

IBM technology can view the tasks employees are completing, the educational courses they have taken and any rankings they have earned. Through these data points, the AI skills inference and HR managers can gain a greater understanding of an employee’s skill set than they would by assessing the feedback from manager surveys. In 2016, the system was able to calculate breakdown of employees who have left and how they differ by job role. Which include the information age, number of prior companies worked, year with current manager, business travel environment satisfaction,  job level,  job satisfaction and martial status etc.

This is true that Artificial Intelligence is the reason for decrements in human labor force. AI has already replaced 30% of the IBM’s HR staff. AI is getting better at providing career feedback to employees. IBM’s MYCA (My Career Advisor) AI virtual assistant uses Watson to help employees identify where they need to increase their skills. Its companion, Blue Match technology, serves up job openings to employees based on their AI-inferred skills data (employees opt into the service). Some of the 27 percent of IBM workers who received a new job or promotion in 2018 were assisted by Blue Match. AI is advising IBM’s staff that what should they learn to peruse their career forward. AI is also assisting managers in seeking good quality of work from the employees. According to IBM, machine understands an individual than an individual from the HR team.

This is true at many extents, An individual from HR team can carry emotions towards particular employee and it is not possible to remember skills and previous work of each employee, all these reasons can effect the final results. Therefore, machine have no emotions and it carry all the information, the results are completely based on the algorithm that use the saved information. The machine learn from its past experiences.

Humans cannot be replace by Machines, However these technologies are providing much accuracy and efficiency in work.

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