Google Maps now uses Street View to show you exactly where to make turns

Google Maps has launched its update with some small design changes which could be helpful when getting directions specially when you are unfamiliar with the place you are going. When displaying a set of directions, the Android app will now show you some street view roads you are suppose to turn onto. If you tap on the image, Street view will open to that location with arrows in the direction you’re meant to turn.

It’s not a huge change or update but for the people who are really bad with street names and roads, this update could make a difference.

Google Maps

The other notable change is more widespread throughout the interface, but it’s a mostly cosmetic adjustment. Many screens now include a bottom bar with contextual activities, often accompanied by a button on the right side. It takes up more space, but it functionally replaces the FAB (Floating Action Button) on many screens, or at least one of the FABs.

The feature only appears to be on Android for now. But Google’s iOS app usually has the same look and features, so it may just be a matter of time before it gets updated.

These changes appear to have been activated remotely by Google, so it’s possible some users saw these much earlier as part of a test, while others may still see the older interface for a while. Street View thumbnails are showing up on versions of Maps going back at least as far as v9.51.1, the bottom bar seems to be limited to v9.52.0 and later. If you would like to get the very latest release before Google rolls it out to everybody, hit the APK Mirror link below.



Shashank Tiwari

Shashank Tiwari is a writer from India and the Tech Explained editor. In his free time he dabbles in fiction, photography, and game development.

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