Get Paid For Going Live On Facebook

Facebook recently announced that now you can actually make money on Facebook by simply going live on Facebook. Until now there was no financial incentives for anybody to go live on Facebook.

To be eligible to get paid, you must have at least 2,000 followers and 300 live viewers. Ads will only appears on your live stream if you have been recording for more then 4 minutes. After the first Ad you can have additional ad in break every five minutes.

According to the Facebook, currently this is in beta version and you will get notified once you are eligible to get paid for your live stream. You will get a notification “Your live videos can now earn you money.” then you can create your account that how you will get paid and some other information.

From there, when you click on the LIVE button to begin broadcasting, there will be a $ icon.

If you click and accept it, your first 15 second ad, from the Facebook ad network, could run 4 minutes into your broadcast, momentarily stopping your live stream. The second break will come 5 minutes later.

“Viewers will see a counter in the corner of their screen that notifies them when you will be coming back,” says Facebook. “After the ad is over, your viewers will return to your live broadcast, and you may resume as usual.”

If you don’t want you don’t need to run Ads on your live stream.

Shashank Tiwari

Shashank Tiwari is a writer from India and the Tech Explained editor. In his free time he dabbles in fiction, photography, and game development.

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meskerem Alemayehu
November 29, 2018 12:51 AM

l have money please hlpe me